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8 special features of Ally House


Knows All about Hawaii Real Estate!

Hawaii has a system called “HiCentral MLS", where you can see all the house sales information. This is not a system that one real estate company is operating, but a public site that the Hawaii Real Estate Association is operating. Hawaii real estate agents have information from this database. Since “Ally House" is a member of the Real Estate Association, it can access various data on Oahu to see all property information and all past buying and selling information in Hawaii. Therefore, purchasing real estate in Hawaii is different from Japan. While a buyer in Japan purchases the real estate that he or she is in mind, saying “I want to buy THIS property", it is important in Hawaii to select a good real estate company (agent) first, as written in many real estate books and magazines, because the services that are performed by real estate companies are completely different from others.

Aiming to deal with all of Hawaii Real Estate

Leave it to us. I am a staff member of Ally House.

When you decide to buy a property in Hawaii, even if you decide that you will come to Hawaii for half of the year or that you will be living in Hawaii one day or that you will be in Hawaii all year round, the way you use your home will change later, depending on various issues such as visa problems, work problems, and family problems. And it fluctuates while you have your own real estate.
Therefore, when purchasing a real estate, it is necessary for you to think about not only “living by yourself", but also “cleaning", “managing", “selling someday", “renting to your friends", and “renting like Vacation rentals general public." In Hawaii, each company has different services that are good at, so you need to choose or change a real estate company or service company, depending on the purpose of use. However, we, in Ally House, are not only buying and selling, but also managing, cleaning, and operating real estate. And a total of 30 staff members handle them all in-house. We cannot compete with a major real estate company with a history in selling/buying results, but we carefully handle the owner’s property in Hawaii one by one, using our expertise and know-how that we have attained in real estate management in Japan for 20 years. We aim to be a real estate company that can deal with everything even if the way of your using the house changes. That is Ally House.

A Stress-Free and Comfortable Home in Hawaii, Ally House


Living, Guest House, Villa, Operation. All of them are in-house.


uest House


Contents I live all year round. I want you to help me when I'm in trouble. I want more activities. I invite important people, such as family and friends. I want you to stay it at its best, as well I live for about three to six months of a year. I'll lend the rest. Or I want you to manage it. I live for about one month of a year, and then I want you to rent it out and operate it.
Personal Concierge
Property Management
Vacation Rental Operation × ×

The use of real estate changes, depending on the situation. It's important to think about all that possibilities when you buy it. And it would be great if you could do it all in one real estate company.

Therefore, there are three main things that are important to think about. They include "property management", "vacation rental", "personal concierge". In Hawaii real estate companies are categorized into; "trading companies" that are good at buying and selling properties, "management companies" that are good at managing properties, "operation companies" that are good at operation of the property, "cleaning companies" that are good at cleaning the property, "renovation, construction companies" that are good at renovation, and "concierge service companies".

Ally House conducts all of the property management, operations, and personal concierges in-house. "Property management" includes building maintenance, room cleaning, trouble support, and customer support. "Vacation rental" includes a service to rent out your important rooms, marketing, advertisements, attracting customers, review optimization, utilization, and improve yields. And the operating rate is 80-90% on average. "Personal Concierge" includes owner’s support and owner's guest support service, restaurant reservation and sightseeing arrangements. Each concierge and agent will enjoy proving the service for you to play golf, surfing and yoga, while sharing the excitement with you.


Familiar with properties in Hawaii!

Anyway, we are familiar with the property. Real estate companies, that only buy and sell the property, hardly see the property in advance, even if they sell 100 units a year. Such companies see the property only three times; at the time of the visit with the customer, the subsequent building inspection, and the inspection before delivery. It is 300 times a year if it makes it to the number of days.
But we perform property management of the most properties that we sell. As a result, we look at the property throughout the year, respond to the problem, and respond to complaints, and continue to face the customer and the property. As we sell 100 houses a year, we see 365 days a year, 36,500 times a year. That's why we are familiar with the property.
In addition, we are strong in IT. If you have a property that interests you, we may go to the property in advance to take photos and videos of the introspection of the appearance, front desk, and room, and send it to you. In this way, we always update the details of the information of the property and provide it to the customer. In addition, we stay in the room that we manage for at least two days and experience how guests feel. Living comfort, tranquility, ventilation, sunshine, noise, security, internet environment, convenience of washing machine, bathtub, shower... we find the real value of a property that you wouldn’t normally know. We would like to provide more than Japan's services because we are away from Japan. 


High Quality of Management and Cleaning

At Ally House, all staff, including management and cleaning staff, are referred to as concierges.

Your property is managed by a total of 20 concierges who and the leader has many years of experience as a cleaning manager at We call them concierges because we want to meet the high-level needs of our customers and bring them a superb impression.

This is achieved by having our own management and cleaning departments. The management department performs maintenance and repair of the room, and the cleaning department checks the cleaning and the condition of the room.
In addition, in the management property, we perform coordination and renovation of the property to makes it popular with market needs. Guests and owners have their own awareness, but it is consistent to keep the space comfortable.


We are Also Good at Renovation

Ally House is good at renovation. We have a track record of 14 rooms so far. We make owner’s home suitable heaven. If you rent it, it is a one-of-a-kind room. We will prepare a renovation to meet various requests with local artists or California Corporation. We do everything from room search to renovation, operation, management, concierge, and we want to make our customers happy and share the excitement. This is what we think.
When you contact another company for renovations, please show us the results and examples of the renovations so far, and then take a look at our previous lying room operations. You can see the thing that only Ally House can do, and the example of the room that is actually operating. If you request information materials, we will send them with the cases to you. 
Renovation Case Study.1

Colony Surf. Hawaii's hideout. A room that receives power from Diamond Head. 

The owner purchased it for the purpose of asset diversification in amortization, capital, and dollars. The view of the sea and Diamond Head remains the same. When we saw the room, we felt that the room could be turned into a good one after some renovation and the owner purchased it. he didn't intend to rent it at first. But he intended to use it occasionally for himself and his guests, so we performed a full renovation. The room’s operating occupancy rate exceeded 80% immediately. The owner only stayed there once, but he is working hard to come back here again. The room, which was originally purchased for 180 million yen (three years ago), is expected to be worth about 280 million yen in the current market. The owner conveyed his rough idea to the local artist who was a renovator and he trusted him, which is a factor of success. It is a work that was able to demonstrate the power of the artist more than 100%.  1

Renovation Case Study.2

Waikiki Shore.

A customer purchased the room that had not been sold for more than half a year due to the low-rise of the second floor for less than 100 million yen, and then he renovated it. Knowing the fact that the room has an ocean view, the ceiling of the second floor is high, and there is a possibility that a large-scale renovation of the first floor is to be conducted in the future and a stylish beach-style restaurant is to be open, we judged that it is possible to increase the asset value if it is renovated. And we proposed it to the owner including our renovation plan. He purchased the property without looking at it at all.

Taking advantage of 30 seconds walk to the sea and the low-rise of the second floor, we renovated the room with a surf rack where you can store important surfboards. It is a room where you can feel the sea at night as well. If you put it on the market now, it should be worth around 150 million yen in this quality unlike two years ago. As a healing space, not only the owner's family, but also his employees, and people all over the world use the room (operating occupancy rate of 90%). リノベーション実例2


Achieved Vacation Rental Operational Occupancy Rate of 80 to 90% in Hawaii.

Rent a property in Hawaii for a short-term

The service of renting an ordinary house owned by the owner in a short term and providing short and long-term rent have been performed for a long time in Europe and the United States.

We are not hotel,but rent out as vacation rentals.

Vacation rentals (short-term rental)

Short-term rental refers to a lease of less than one month. Unlike long-term lease, under the Hawaiian law, there are properties that allow short-term rental and properties that are prohibited short-term rental. Therefore, the property that can be rented for more than one month and the property that can be rented for two to three days will vary, depending on the area and property. It is important to check before purchasing the property.

Moreover, you can leave it all in the stress-free. Just tell the concierge how long you want to use the unit by yourself. We will conduct a short-term rental of your unit on other dates. Once you have decided which property to buy, in case of emergency, please ask the average rental occupancy rate of the real estate company for one year and the rental occupancy rate of the property. It will also make it easier for you to understand the value of assets. Ally House has an average of 85% per year with 105 units it currently controls. When it comes to good properties, it is more than 90%. Short-term rental revenue is calculated based on the simple calculation of accommodation unit price x working days. It is necessary to reach the eyes of as many people as possible, to increase the satisfaction of the guest, and to acquire repeaters.

Use of IT and AI is the Key for High Occupancy Rate

The reason why Ally House keeps a high occupancy rate is its use of IT and AI. It is Ally House that knows well about IT and WEB.

We also attract customers in-house. We have a number of strategic sites to attract customers on our own site and on different brand sites. We make full use of the media, such as our company's three sites, 10 blogs, 5 magazines, 17 announcement sites, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. In addition, we have been doing comprehensive blogs for overseas, such as overseas sites in English for Westerners and blogs for overseas, so the blog ranking is always the number one.

We have increased our occupancy rate by comprehensively providing over 90% response rate to the guests within one hour, high quality of cleaning service, word-of-mouth communication, and design sense. This is a service that no other company has. 

APricing with AI. Smart, Cheap, and Expensive with AI

Vacation rental operation: In the short-term rental market, even if you can differentiate among the many properties, there are still many people who choose by price. Pricing is also very important. 

Ally House has introduced an automatic price fluctuation system using AI to set accommodation prices. The system expects to generate revenue scans of up to 40 %, and has achieved 18 % revenue growth so far.

For example, at the end of the year, the base price was priced at 1.6 times the base price of $140 ($224). But with this system, $413 is the appropriate price. The base price of $140 is a breakdown of the cost of accommodation of $413. The high season setting is $14, the event (year-end) is $245, and the weekend price is $14. 

Lower prices on unpopular days, raise prices during events and on weekends. And, of course, when the space is not filled after a few days, the AI will determine and automatically lower the price. It is also AI’s decision when to lower the price. To take advantage of the AI system, we put the data to use. The data also contain the one from big data, such as past data, similar room data in neighborhoods, events, and nearby events that we can't foresee, international conferences, national holidays, concerts, and other small data. 
Of course, the price goes up during the Honolulu Marathon. During the time of the spring festival the price goes up, too. During the comic show held at the convention center, the unit price of nearby rooms goes up. There is a limit for humans to know price fluctuations, and it is necessary to rely on AI systems. Some might worry that the price would fall down, but we will determine the base price and the minimum price by looking at the balance with the operational occupancy, and eventually aim for high operation.

n addition, if the operational occupancy in the last three months is higher than the standard, the AI judges it not-good, and the staff raises the unit price.

The cost of this AI system is borne and operated at Ally House. Ally House is more efficient in the field of AI, as well as in the tools, and put human resources into the management.


Gateway Initiative (Japan-U.S.-Japan Linked Business Model)

Ally House conducts business through the Gateway Initiative among Japan, Europe, and the United States.

For the wealthy Westerners who want to enjoy their lifestyle at their accommodations and enjoy staying in Hawaii while working in the room, we offer a room which is synchronized with nature so that they can feel the nature of Hawaii even in the room, as well as the healing space during their stay. The drip coffee unique to Japan that we introduced is also well received. Now, local coffee companies also put drip coffee at souvenir shops. We also provide with disposable slippers in the room, which is also well received by those who do not have a culture of taking off their shoes.

The owner who purchased the property through Ally House may also provide a free sample to put in the room. That might catch the eyes of people from all over the world. Hawaii is the place of longing in the world. The room is a place where people live.
We work with guests and owners in their lifestyles, and we always have the potential to create new businesses from them.

Strengths of the Double Brand

Ally House is conducted under the double brand for each target.

"Ally House" sells real estate of about 1 million dollar and also provides services that also perform "management", "operation", and "personal concierge" and "Lei Hawaii Realty" provides dedicated services for villa management, cleaning, and vacation rental operation of the house and room the customer actually purchased. “Lei Hawaii Real Estate“ has a number of sites for vacation rentals, and is consistently ranked high in blog and SEO. Based on our experience for 20 years in Japan and 10 years in Hawaii, we have made use of the strengths of both companies in real estate sales, property management, concierge, real estate investment, and vacation rental operational management. 

The office is located on the 7F in the Waikiki Business Plaza Building with H&M, which is located in the heart of Waikiki, a base in Hawaii. It is easy for owners who visit Hawaii to stop by, and it is a place where we can quickly rush to the properties in Waikiki to manage. In addition, we have offices in a convenient location for the most advanced access now, in Tokyo at GinzaSix and in Fukushima-ku in Osaka. Management experts visit Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya once every two months to talk about things that can only be done by meeting directly. We also hold information exchange meetings among the owners, golf competition, and social gatherings. And individual consultation sessions are held anytime, anywhere through video conferencing.
It is Ally House that can provide management and fun in Hawaii, and also meet to exchange the information with the owners who purchased the property in Hawaii as well as in Japan.
Providing and sharing your excitement is the reason why we needed a double brand.


A team that can perform advanced consultations

Regarding tax in Japan

Shiodome Partners

We provide consultation on advanced international tax, international inheritance, and other consultations in Hawaii.

Two Miles

Regarding American Taxation

Two Miles

We conduct corporate due diligence, tax returns, real estate tax, and cooperation with Japan. Since there are offices in Hawaii and Yokohama, consultation is also easier.

Go Law Office

Lawyers' Offices in Hawaii

Go Law Office

Estate planning (Living Trust, etc.), corporate establishment, M&A, corporate Hawaii expansion support, visa support, etc.

EK Benefits Consulting LLC

Life Insurance in Hawaii

EK Benefits Consulting LLC

In addition to life insurance, we also handle health insurance and various types of non-life insurance.

International Business, Civil and Criminal Procedure in Hawaii

Goodsil Anderson Quinn & Stiful

We have a significant experience in real estate-related and criminal-related lawsuits.

Housing development in Hoakarei, Oahu

Hase Ko America Inc.

We are engaged in development business such as detached houses, condominiums, and shopping centers.

Hoakalei Country Club

We operate the no.1 golf course in Hawaii with a membership system. The clubhouse has also been completed and will be the best golf course in Oahu. The owner can play with the Concierge.

Development of Kakaako and Ward Village

Howard Hughes Corporation

We are engaged in the development of newly built condominiums and commercial facilities such as Victoria Place, Aeo, Koura, Waeair and Anaha.

Local consumption and local food in Hawaii

Zetton Group

Goofy Cafe, Heavenly, Paris Hawaii, Aloha Table,Zigu and more create a new trend in Hawaii's food culture.